Does anyone know a good API for stock/bond trading?

Mike Fedorov
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We want to implement it in our Plutus Wallet app and looking a partner for it. Maybe someone can recommend something like this?


Rohan Talip
Hi Mike, have you looked at Interactive Brokers' API? I was investigating it myself a while back but I haven't used it yet. See for a comparison with a couple of other APIs.
Call Me Paul
Yahoo Finance? I remember using them a lot with some R packages a while back. Also as @rohan_talip said, IB is a good option and also check this Github repo for a finviz unofficial api hope those help
Mike Fedorov
@rohan_talip @yakitos Wow. Awesome. I never thought that Yahoo Finance would be OK to work with 3rd party API
Matthias Hagemann
What exactly are you looking for? I’ve build applications that pull real-time market data and company information using Quandl also has a ton of useful data, the probably most accurate for historical closing prices: There’s also that is an API-only brokerage.
Mike Fedorov
@mhagemann Thanks. We are looking for websocket data streaming. The alpaca is in our short list now :)