What are the main reasons to use Pro/Super Pro Ship plans?

Mike Fedorov
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Right now I am in the middle of deciding which Ship-plan to choose for my Paper.Trade project and It’s a little confusing me. What are the main differences between Basic / Pro / Super Pro plans? Can my Upcoming Page be listed with the Basic plan? I think, that I’m not the only one here with the question like this :). Which option do you usually use for your Upcoming Pages? I would appreciate your help.


Hi Mike! Our team are always available to answer support questions like this on live web chat or hello@producthunt.com The basic plan will let you create an upcoming page but only Pro users will have their page listed on the homepage. So if you want to get promotion on the homepage, invest in the paid version of Ship.
Mike Fedorov
@producthunt @abadesi thanks for your advice!🙌 I just wanted to hear the opinion of the PH community, which option they chose and which was more convenient