Which logo should I use for my WordPress Mockups Plugin project?

Roman in Berlin
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The backstory: Opening up Photoshop to add screenshots into device mockup photos to present my apps and websites in WordPress was something I always thought was a bit of a hassle. It seemed like something that should be much faster and easier. So I made a plugin for it! I collected a bunch of high-quality photo mockups of devices so all you have to do is choose one that you like and add your screenshot. Done. The logo I mostly just want to stand out and look fresh, while avoiding something obvious and generic (ie: an icon of someone holding a phone). What do you think, fellow makers?
Retro fabulous
Modern Punch


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Smart idea. I really like the second logo option "Modern Punch" - the blue against the red and pink looks really vibrant and I like the simplicity of the font. Nice work.
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@abadesi Thank you for the feedback!
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Great idea! The modern version of the logo options (blue) will probably work best for you. The modern font is easier to read. Wishing you success in your endeavour.
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Thanks Ben @we_push_buttons. Looks like I'm getting the best response to this version so far so I think I'm just going to go with it!