Do you ever experience some form of back pain?

Utkarsh Talwar
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If you do, what do you think the biggest reason behind it is? And how do you deal with it?


I tend to get back pain when I've been doing workouts like barre, pilates or yoga that use a lot of core strength. If I'm not engaging the right muscles in my core or my legs my back has to overcompensate and that strain causes pain. I try to be mindful of my body positions when working out to prevent that. Since a lot of my working time is stationary I try to mix it up when working from home, sometimes standing, sometimes sitting on a chair, sitting cross legged... anything I can do to give my back a break and switch positions! Curious to hear your experiences.
Mitch Gillogly
From stress sometimes. But that's probably unavoidable
Thomas M Hough
I a lot of practice and because of this, sometimes, I do feel back pain.
Timothy Hinson
Yes, I do feel pain in my back and it is all because of my work.
Valerie Sikes
Yes, I have experienced back pain and it kills me. I don't know why I am having back pain, I ain't do a lot of work and also I ain't do workouts. but still, I am having back pain. So, I talked about it with my friend who is a gym trainer and I told him everything. He did little research on my schedule and found out that it is because of my mattress and he recommends to me to buy a new mattress. So, I started searching mattresses online and on this site, I have found about plank mattress which is truly firm and also flippable with one extra-firm side for back and stomach sleepers with back pain. After sleeping on that mattress, next morning, I don't feel any back pain.
Mark Lense
Yes, I also sometimes had problems with my back and neck after sleep, and for a long time I could not understand what was the reason. I tried to sleep in various positions but it still didn't help and sometimes I woke up very tired and in pain. But recently I was reading Amazon vs eBay and saw tips on how to choose the best sleeping mattress. I liked these tips because before I did not pay attention to what should be a place for a comfortable sleep.