Would you use a personal daily task management app?

Sohaib Nadeem
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There are Trello and others like Asana too. What I am looking for is if there is an application created for personal use just for daily tasks and then thats it. New day new tasks plus an added feature of adding incomplete tasks from previous to today. Let me know what you think!


I was inspired by friends to use Trello as a personal task management app, it's pretty handy. I like to use Goals here in Makers to track to-dos, too.
Sohaib Nadeem
@abadesi Almost the same scenarios with me. Real handy tools and great to use. However, what I feel, they are a bit cramped up. Its too much features in a tool. Though they do come in handy working on live projects and with clients but, they are not so much when used personally. Personally, I feel using an app which provides me a simple option to add tasks, mark them complete and that's it. Maybe let the tasks on hold in a roadblock or something. Makes life easier and peaceful. What do you think? :)
Archana Manohar
I've been using Todoist for this. It's basically a super simple to do list that syncs well across devices. So everything from my grocery list to my work to-do's live there. I think they have a paid premium version, but just the free one has been working well for me.
I have yet to figure out the perfect solution. Usually, my long term lists get in the way of the short term lists. Asana won't let me prioritize without giving them money. Besides, I can be all over the map with my ideas from day to day. I have core things that never change, but entrepreneurship in today's world can mean learning something brand new. I'm a techie, though, so I'd like the ability to add fun features. For instance, that little suggestion box on here that says "buy a toy for the cat" and stuff. If it randomly reminded you about tasks you haven't looked at in years (sadly, yes, some of my tasks in my to do list are that old), it might feel more fresh. The worst thing about a to-do list is if you see the whole mountain when you want to just find one thing. Feeling overwhelmed is not conducive to getting work done.
Sohaib Nadeem
@ftyre76 What I think, is that you are looking for something that lets you pan out a day list. Make it simple, easy, swift, and also a satisfaction when you mark it complete like, "Okay now that's done!". I simply am looking for that kind of solution too. Asana, Jira, Trello are really really handy and good but I feel they are too corporate oriented. And rightly so. For some personal use, and this is what I think, I would not go for that. I would eventually prefer using a daily task manager sort of application. No hassle. What do you think?
Yura C.
I personally use Notes application on OSX/IOS. I would prefer to KISS as much as possible. Trello or Asana kind of tools are overkill and inefficient for a personal and small team task management as well. I am just creating a checklist on Notes and share with other people if I need to collaborate. It sync across my apple devices and all other members can participate. Simple and works well.