Would you prefer using a food ordering app that enables you to order for a dine in?

Sohaib Nadeem
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I was the designated designer in the team that created the Foodxilla App that provides services as an ordering app for dining in restaurants rather than order home delivery. It also provides the feature to pre-pay a small amount included in the total afterwards to lock the order and offers discounts for a group of 5 and 5+.


For me probably not, what I like about the dining in experience is looking at the menu, hearing about the specials, and looking at other diners' plates for inspiration.
Sohaib Nadeem
First of all, I really apologize for the late reply. @abadesi thank you for the feedback. It really has given me a different dimension to think in. To tell you the truth, the basic goal for the application is THIS. Socializing in person. Getting up to go to a public place like we all used to in the not-so-far past. It really has to be put into action again.