What are your deciding factors for purchasing a product?

Duncan A Forbes
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Product transparency is becoming more critical. From the conditions, our products are manufactured in, the pay of workers in the factories where our products are produced, where the ingredients or materials of our products have been sourced from, to the finer details of what chemicals or dyes have been used during the production process. This is all part of a growing need for companies to be more transparent, with the provenance of there products. From your local pub or supermarket informing you of where your produce was sourced from, to more modern e-commerce businesses such Everlane [https://Everlane.com], taking influence from Patagonia's corporate responsibility strategy [https://www.patagonia.com/corpor...] of being transparent about their supply chain. Though it is still hard for consumers, to learn more about the products they're looking to purchase, before purchasing, and businesses find it hard to execute such strategies. So whether your someone purchasing/business selling apparel, food or drink to electronics. Answer either one or both of these questions, depending on what best applies to you. .... Consumer: What product information do companies rarely display, that would add to your deciding factor of the purchasing a product when making your pre-purchase decisions? Business: In what way does your company find it hard to be more transparent about the provenance of your products, and what would make it easier for you to be more transparent? Or influence your company to be more open?
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