Looking for feedback on my early stage SaaS: Candidate Code

Matt Fisher
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Hi all. I'm looking for feedback (of all kinds) on my early stage SaaS, Candidate Code. It's viewable at https://candidatecode.com Candidate Code makes it easy to manage code-based recruitment tests for hiring engineers. It's a much easier and more powerful alternative to hosting public challenges on Github or emailing zip files full of code around. It's very early stage yet, so there's a lot of flexibility left in product direction. There's a lot that I think needs improving, but I'm hoping to get some unbiased third party feedback from experienced product developers (that's you!). Particularly around: • Usefulness as a product, product-market fit • Messaging, clarity, marketing suggestions • Pricing, plans, trial structure and value proposition • User experience, onboarding • Feature suggestions ...but really, anything at all that comes to your mind would be incredibly helpful. I'd be very grateful for your feedback in whatever capacity you can give it. (Also: If you think this would be useful to you but the length of the trial or the pricing plans are getting in the way, message me. I'm happy to be flexible around that - especially for early adopters who are willing to provide feedback and discussion)
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