I'n new here - what ways do you use Product Hunt?

Matt Fisher
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I came across PH whilst looking for ways to get feedback and exposure for my new early-stage SaaS product. I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole community waiting for me after registration. That also means there's lots of different things to try - so I thought I'd ask the people who know best. How as Product Hunt shaped your workflow or made a difference to your professional lives? E.g. I'm a solo founder working from home. I currently use my wife for holding myself accountable to daily goals and helping prioritize work. She's great for the non-development portions of the work, but I'd still love to have a wider set of input. Are PH goals a good way of managing that?


Mike Fedorov
Hi there! I think the best way to use PH is to get feedback to your project at any development stages. That's why I'm here too. Something like that
Matt Fisher
@zavhoz Great, thanks for the comment. And (sorry to be really slow on the uptake here) is the best way of doing that just starting a new discussion in the makers section and asking?
Matt Fisher
@zavhoz well, that sounds like a plan to me. Thanks for making my first interaction with this community a pleasant one :)