Do you understand my pricing model?

Wei Chun
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I've just started Designmoh ( and I'm getting mixed feedback on the pricing model. Currently, we operate on 'monthly membership + design task fee' (think Costco or Sam's Club membership model). For a monthly membership, you can purchase design tasks at below-market rates. The membership also entitles you to one task refund in the event that you are not happy with the design that our designers have come up with. Feedback: - "It is essentially a retainer model, nothing special" - "I don't see any value in the membership model. Scrap it and raise your rates" - "This is pretty unique, but you have to work on the benefits of having a membership" -"This is a good competition on the 'unlimited design' service, which is not unlimited at all. Hated the word!" Potential pivots on the pricing model: 1) Scrap the membership and raise the rates of the design tasks 2) Switch to a monthly flat rate (essentially the unlimited design model) 3) Tokenize the pricing model. One token, one design task. The more tokens you buy, the cheaper it is. Would love to receive some feedback from you fellow Makers! Thanks in advance!
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