How do you source design work?

Wei Chun
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Whether you are a startup, solopreneur, business or a freelancer, you are bound to need some designs done for your marketing or product. But where and how did you get it done? Do you hire freelancers on Upwork, Fiverr? Do you hire a full time designer? Do you engage a design agency? Or you are a designer!? What's your take on each of this? PS: I'm working on a members-only design platform to help connect designers with clients.


Maximilian Müller
I don't think you can get a blanket answer to your question. In the end it depends on which phase your product or idea is in and how extensive it is. I work as a UX consultant and designer in an agency, but we still outsource certain design tasks to freelancers or other agencies. If you're still in the early stages, I'd get some inspiration on platforms like dribbble and then try out tools like Adobe XD. Here you get good results relatively quickly, which are usually good enough for a first draft. Maybe there are people among your contacts who have a talent for design.
Wei Chun
@mxmllr I reckon for mundane tasks such as posters, social media posts or infographics it would be apt to outsource it whereas for product/web/app design, it would be best to have a in-house designer who can communicate better with the entire team.
Maximilian Müller
@chew_wei_chun I'm with you on that one. We also like to outsource tasks that are clear and easy to write. For web or app design you should at best have a designer directly on site or book someone who is regularly available remotely and can therefore exchange ideas with other project participants.
Stephen Co
I generally do alot of it myself. But there are some things like graphics design that I relegate to Fiverr.
Paroma Indilo
We have been lucky enough to find a designer on Angel List, who has been absolutely amazing
Wei Chun
@paroma Is he or she coming in as a full-time designer? Or a freelance basis?