Platform for startups low on cash to loan their teams to startups in need of expertise/capacity

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Hi there! I started creating a platform this past weekend, and would love to have some help, as there seems to be a real need right now and I don't think I can do it properly by myself. The idea is very simple - match startups with extra capacity and too much overhead (or too little cash) with companies who could use those the capacity and expertise for short-term projects or support. This avoids having to layoff employees during this, and gives team members a unique opportunity to gain some new experience! is the MVP I put together on Sharetribe to get up it quickly. It got a great response from a couple tweets and a LinkedIn post, and I've got about 40 sign-ups, most of which are real startup founders. I'm non-technical, but really like no-code building. I would love to have someone more technical join this - to help customize either off of Sharetribe, or another platform - but I'm open to anyone who thinks they can contribute! This make work as a closed marketplace-style platform where startups create their own listings, but there are certainly other ways to tackle this problem. Questions? Interest? Knock-knock jokes? Hope everyone has a great couple weeks building!


Nice clean site, congrats on the MVP. Which NoCode tools did you use?
I have a great idea for a startup, but I need funds. Can I pledge my property to a bank? How much money can I get for this?
Many factors can affect this. As far as I know, your home will initially be valued by the bank staff, and only after the property evaluation can you talk about the amount of money you can get. Better contact some mortgage broker for advice. I know one , or maybe you know someone better. But if I were you, I wouldn’t mortgage for some startup. Of course, your intentions are clear to me if you’re sure it’ll make you a good profit. But if you’re in doubt or don’t fully understand what you want, find another way to get the money is better.
Garry Lirk
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Mark Lense
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Ross Rankins
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