What do you think about free courses?

Anna Melkova
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I have just launched a free course for early stages startups on PH. To prepare information for this course I studied YCombinator and Alchemist blogs as well as materials from pre-accelerator programs. Also I talked to startup founders and angel investors. I did it to find more information necessary for my work. Accumulating this information I decided to create this course because I am guided by the belief the core of which lies in sharing and mutual help. When creating the course I remembered this " People spend their time on the piece of information, only when they spend some energy as money". However, I decided to make it free because I believe that people don't think like this. And I think that nowadays people are aiming at providing value to others therefore share valuable information for free. And what do you think? What do you feel when you see a free course, a free tool etc? Here is a link to what I posted o PH: https://www.producthunt.com/post...


Rishabh Gupta
Yes I prefer using a free tool mostly when I'm a novice in a field and everything that I can gather without any cost is really helpful. (specially for students).
Rishabh Gupta
@anya_vassenko also I would like to add that if there is a test in the end to test what we have learned it would be extremely great