How do you measure KPIs at work ?

Artem Galenko
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Eugene Lorenc
Some IDEs (development tools) have build-in analytic tool to measure productivity: they show how much you have coded today, what files was affected and some other analytics. But in general, if we are about office employees, I haven't seen tools and widely adopted approaches to measure KPI. In general, KPI is the number of successfully complied tasks to the total number of tasks. I suppose, market needs a powerful tool to implement and measure KPI.
For my projects I look at reports on Looker to see how I'm tracking against my goals. Sometimes Quip/Google Docs for tracking other metrics, too.
Tushar Mathur
I would setup monitoring of KPI's through dashboards.
Ruben Lozano
I have a monitor on my right side with Google Data Studio in a tab that refreshes every 5 minutes automatically with all my KPIs.
Just set up SuperMetrics with Google Data Studio today, seems perfect so far 👌🏻 DataBox is another nice option.