How do you think which marketing funnel fits best for startups?

Artem Galenko
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What do you mean exactly? 👀
David Maíllo
I’d say it depends a lot of the startup category and purpose. (What services does it offer, how long do the services last, ...)
Fabio Buiati
Artem, actually I think sales funnel and marketing funnel can work together, specially for startups. This image illustrates it:
Artem Galenko
@fabio_buiati definitely agree with you! But Actaully I think that all of the stages should be discussed and planned together
Ranvijay Singh
Go to your GA or Mixpanel dashboard, find out the top events, look for the sources, try to make correlation (available in Mixpanel) you will come up with interesting insights. After a detailed analysis of events of your interest on Google Analytics, you will come to know the best sources among your regular traffic sources (Organic, Paid Search, Referrals, Emails, Direct, Social etc.) brought you, your targeted conversions or transactions.
Sonu Kalwar
I think the best marketing funnel for startups is the top-of-the-funnel strategy. I believe this because it's very important for startups to gain trust and credibility early on, which can be difficult to do if they don't have a product that's ready yet. However, if you have a great idea and presentation, you can find investors and customers who are willing to give you money or help you build your product. This means that when you're ready to launch, people will already trust you enough to buy what you're selling! You can find more information here: