I want to create a game that will be downloaded by many. Any ideas?

Franz Okyere
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I have started a couple of gaming projects using UNITY game engine. I would appreciate your ideas guys. I dont want to spend the time doing it, only to realise it is not wanted. Thanks


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Focus on what you are interested in because then you'll make something really good!
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What types of games do you constantly finding yourself playing?
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@austinmeta I can play chess all day. But there are so many chess apps out there.
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hey! I was thinking a racing game which you will be racing with your previous performance. Pixel Race or smoething. The idea is trying to be good from yourself everytime :) What do you say?
I am a single developer and lecturer
@sezay It took so long to reply to your post, sezay, because my phone was stolen during our first day of lockdown. Nice suggestion. That will be fun.
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Så lav et spil, hvor folk kan vinde penge ved at vinde. Alle ønsker at vinde penge, mens de sidder hjemme, ligesom et online casino. Jeg læste om casino uden om rofus, og mens jeg læste om det, er jeg glad for, at jeg fandt dit indlæg.