How would you guys keep deepfakes ethical?

Ari Bencuya
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Hi Makers! We just launched our mobile deepfake making app and we're getting a lot of questions on how we democratize deepfakes while keeping things fun and non-malicious. Below is a list of what we do already, but we'd love to get your opinions on what else we can do. 1. No politicians. Let's keep this away from things that can do real harm. 2. No voice faking. Voice + Video is a can of worms we're not ready to open. 3. Watermarks, visible or not visible, we can track every video made from our system and it's against our terms to remove these in any way. We reserved the right to remove service from those who break our terms 4. Monitoring, we have systems and processes in place to monitor videos that come through the application to make sure that they don't break our terms. We'd love to hear more suggestions so we can keep things ethical! Thanks!
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