Learning ASO

Ari Bencuya
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Hi All, I'm on a mission to learn ASO from the basics to advanced for our application. I wanted to reach out to the PH community to help discover the following. 1. Best Learning Resources (Free Courses/Articles/Communities) 2. Best Tools (Free and Paid) 3. Anything else I should know? Thanks for the help!


Sarp Erdag
Check out AppFigures' resources page. Especially the keyword teardowns come in handy https://appfigures.com/resources
Mikita Safronau
Asodesk or Appfollow for understanding your organic and keyword ranking, store score, and visibility. 1. Best practice is to collect keywords core. 2. Work with your metadata ( Titles, Sub-titles, Texts, Screenshots, Icons, Videos ) ASO is pretty similar to SEO.
Maksym Astakhov
I have made the collection of such tools, which have been ever hunted. https://www.producthunt.com/@mak...