Learning ASO

Ari Bencuya
3 replies
Hi All, I'm on a mission to learn ASO from the basics to advanced for our application. I wanted to reach out to the PH community to help discover the following. 1. Best Learning Resources (Free Courses/Articles/Communities) 2. Best Tools (Free and Paid) 3. Anything else I should know? Thanks for the help!


Sarp Erdag
Developer of Superate App
Check out AppFigures' resources page. Especially the keyword teardowns come in handy https://appfigures.com/resources
Mikita Safronau
CMO Studying PowerMBA Digital Marketing
Asodesk or Appfollow for understanding your organic and keyword ranking, store score, and visibility. 1. Best practice is to collect keywords core. 2. Work with your metadata ( Titles, Sub-titles, Texts, Screenshots, Icons, Videos ) ASO is pretty similar to SEO.
Maksym Astakhov
Product Manager
I have made the collection of such tools, which have been ever hunted. https://www.producthunt.com/@mak...