What are your favorite post-work quick recipes?

Aaron O'Leary
6 replies
Looking for quick, cheap recipes to mess around with. The post work dinner is an art unto itself, who doesn't love midnight cereal? 😅


Dan Edwards
Anything Pasta! The ultimate speed meal with endless opportunities 🍝
haha midnight cereal! This one can literally take seconds: pour some salad leaves / spinach / kale onto a plate, pop open a can of sardines or tuna and whack that on top, cut a lemon in half and squeeze it over, salt and eat. If you have time to add more you can e.g. roast a sweet potato or cook one in the microwave to top it up. Maybe add olives, jalapenos... you get the gist 😊
I eat white beans with avocado 🥑& before bed yogurt! 🍽
Wesley E.Jacobs
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Garry Lirk
I love to try new things and always find the latest recipes for the season and not only, so recently I really liked the sweet potato crescent bites, which my family asked me to make every weekend for a month, and I recommend you try this simple but very tasty recipe.
Liz Worthy
Breakfast burrito - grate cheese on a tortilla and pop in a toaster oven while you scramble up an egg or 2. Instant Ramen packs - liven it up with some grated cheese, an egg, maybe a sprinkle of scallions pre-washed salad greens, can of chick peas drained, bottled salad dressing of your choice + some feta cheese or chopped cucumbers if you're feeling fancy hummus with pita/crackers and cut raw veggies