For those in quarantine this weekend 🏡: What are some fun social games to play with friends online?🎲

Guli Moreno
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Many places around the world are about to experience their first full weekend under COVID-19 home confinement. Here in Madrid, a lot of us already experienced it last weekend, and some organized remote get-togethers with friends through Zoom or Hangouts. We want to step it up a notch!👏 What are some fun social games we can play with our friends remotely? I've heard of Houseparty, which I'll definitely try this weekend!


We've just been talking about Words with Friends on the Product Hunt team Slack :)
Rémi Lefèvre
We've been testing a neverending story in a gdoc - every participant has a colour, and adds to the story one word (or one phrase) at a time, in the same order. Quite fun! Also just the classic Netflixparty and whatsapp video calls with adequate beverages. And of course Steam has loads of fun little multiplayer games that can be played online! :)
Emily Hodgins
Big Words with Friends fan. Bested my husband with a 74 point word this weekend. ✨ We certainly know how to live life on the wild side 😜
Robin Nessensohn
Exploding Kittens is actually a card game but is also available in the app store I think 😃
Edward So
Roostoo Virtual online mock trading competitions!
Phung Henry
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Anny Wiliams
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Oliver Parsons
The picture shows how many years ago I started playing poker. Board games with friends and my family got bored quickly. We played mafia for a few days, then more board games, and then I decided to get into to somehow spend my time in a meaningful way. I was tired of spending all my time at home and playing games with my kids. Although they were tired of me too, but we could not divide the time watching cartoons and my time playing games at the console. I freaked out and started playing poker and casino games. My wife started too, since she was tired of the kids, and we still spend time that way on weekend evenings.
William Messi
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Dave Seth
For those in quarantine this weekend and looking for fun social games to play with friends online, there are a variety of options available. One popular choice is online multiplayer games such as Among Us or Jackbox Party Pack. These games allow players to connect and interact with each other in real-time, adding a social aspect to the gaming experience. Another option is playing virtual board games like Monopoly or Settlers of Catan on websites like Board Game Arena or Tabletop Simulator. If you and your friends are into skating, then why not try out a skating trivia game on skatepark? This site offers a fun way to test your knowledge of skating history, tricks, and famous skaters while also engaging in friendly competition with your friends. Whatever game you choose, the most important thing is to have fun and stay connected with your friends while in quarantine.
Helin Marley
Big Words with Friends fan. Bested my husband with a 74 point word this weekend. ✨ We certainly know how to live life on the wild side 😜
waqar younas
For those in quarantine this weekend 🏡, there are plenty of fun social games you can play with friends online to stay connected and have a great time. Here are some popular options: Jackbox Party Pack: This collection of party games offers a wide variety of fun and interactive experiences. Each player can join the game from their own device and participate in games like Quiplash, Fibbage, or Drawful. Among Us: This multiplayer game has gained immense popularity. Players work together to find the impostor among the crew or deceive others as the impostor themselves. It's a thrilling and suspenseful game that encourages communication and teamwork. This online drawing and guessing game is perfect for a group. One player draws a chosen word while others try to guess it. It's simple, creative, and can lead to lots of laughter.
waqar younas
As the world grapples with COVID-19, numerous locations are preparing for their inaugural weekend of complete home confinement. In Madrid, many of us have already undergone this experience during the previous weekend, some even taking the initiative to arrange virtual gatherings บาคาร่า with friends via platforms like Zoom or Hangouts. However, we aspire to elevate our efforts even further!
waqar younas
We want to step it up a notch! What are some fun social games we can play with our friends remotely? I've heard of Houseparty, which I'll definitely try this weekend! Bookkeeping
Oliver Garcia
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Anna Kenna
A very interesting test that I think will be very suitable for people who are quarantined on the weekend but can still connect and play with friends online. It's the rice purity test, a fun test of a person's "purity" or "experience" that's extremely popular these days. You can take this test with your friends and share scores with each other. It will help make your weekend no longer boring.