Simulated crypto exchange and mock trading competitions

Roostoo is a realistic simulator of a crypto exchange for anyone to practice real-time trading and for third parties (e.g. university clubs) to host mock trading competitions. Users can also view each other's social profiles and virtual portfolio holdings.
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Hello everyone! Thank you @Chrismessina for hunting Roostoo! We are excited to share this fun app on Product Hunt 🎉 Roostoo is a realistic simulator of a crypto exchange for anyone to practice trading. Coming from a university background, we hope to make cryptos less daunting to crypto novices – especially the market can be crazy. We are gamifying crypto trading by working with partners such as university clubs to host mock trading competitions. This app is social – users can view others’ profiles, trade history and compete amongst friends through competitions. Upcoming Important Feature 🐣: We are working to establish a game token ecosystem in the app to reward good traders on Roostoo! We would love any feedback, thank you 😄 🔥P.S. Something to do if you get bored staying at home during Covid-19 --> We launched a Product Hunt Community Mock Trading Challenge for you to experience mock trading and contend! Please enter code “MAKER” on the app to join. Stay Safe and Happy Indoor Trading!
Hi @eddyso! Glad to see you, best of luck! Congratulations on the PH launch! App is dope and specially the interface and branding!
@porush_puri Thank you Porush :)
I've used this app and participated in a couple competitions. It offers a good range of features so anyone of any skill level can jump in and get started with trading crypto. They have basic and advanced charts, quick info on coins, and a really clean interface. Looking forward to the gamified system 🥳