Do you use bookmarks tools / managers?

Cihan Geyik
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I use the Pocket plug-in for Chrome to save things I may need later, usually articles!
Cihan Geyik
@abadesi Hey, Pocket using for generally saving news. We are developing kangaroo for businesses and teams. You could use kangaroo with your teammates, friends or clients. There will be many features. You can save links in one-click, find links in seconds, send directly to a teammate in one-click. You can discuss web contents with your team. Something like that :) Would you like to subscribe?
Kristian Naess
I use Notion for this!
Gökhan Geyik
@kristian_naess Hey Kristian ! What difficulties do you experience when storing links in Notion?
John McTavish
Depends a lot on the context of the links. If it's related to a specific project, I've got a thread with myself in Slack that I throw links into. Pocket app is more of a general reading list that covers any interests, but I try to keep it focused on leisure reading or non-work related interests. Telegram is my most-used messaging app for non-work discussions, so I've got a few differently themed chats there to somewhat organize content. Every couple weeks I take some time to scroll back through and delete anything I remember as being particularly useless, just to keep things tidy.
Vinish Garg
I used Pocket and then moved to Evernote. I used to curate a collection and send a weekly, by Revue. In last few months, I am curating it in Mailchimp and delivering it from my own website. The emails' list is a good reference for me, anytime.
Cihan Geyik
If you want to save links or find previosly visited links fast, you could try Kangaroo for free. @fatihcelen1
@cihan_geyik congratulations, I need a system that delivers my daily web history to me by cleaning up news, social media links and other repetitive sites.
Cihan Geyik
Thanks, @fatihcelen1. Kangaroo delivers your daily web history if you save links into the collections in one-click. And also, you could see your teammates daily web history, if they save too... You should add Kangaroo to Chrome. Everything will be faster and easier for you.
Muhammad Ishfaq Khan
I use It is a bookmark manager designed specifically for personal use. The best thing about this bookmark manager is it saves me a lot of time while saving new bookmarks to my extensive list of bookmarks; highlighting bookmarks for later usage is one of the best features of this bookmark manager.
Simon CG
You can try febox, there should be a surprise