Share your biggest learning as an entrepreneur in one sentence

Gaurav Shrishrimal
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For me it has been - Never trust a verbal or a written promise, believe only when the money is in the company's account.


Mario Arabov
Nice one. I would also add, never launch a product without a basic idea of the business model
"It's a marathon not a sprint." πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ
Sarabeth Flowers Lewis
I really enjoy Intercom's first product principle: "Start with the problem." Been mulling over that a lot recently.
Kavir Kaycee
Don’t go about it only on your own without a conducive support system to help you out.
Niko Wallner
Pay attention to team/partners values, not only experience or skills.
Natalie Mandriko
Design awards don't mean that customers will love it.