What are the characteristics of a good project manager?

Viktoriia Lemizhanska
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Just gathereing thoughts to understand the real situation and those think which should be iimproved :) As for me, the main characteristic of a good PM (it's not about the classic feature set) is the ability to listen and hear


Great question! Listening is definitely very important, I also think they should be open minded and willing to change course or direction depending on the data that's available. We tend to have a sunk cost fallacy when making decisions and a good characteristic should be the willingness to try something new or even start again if something isn't working.
Viktoriia Lemizhanska
@abadesi Definitely agree. Also i am thinking about the confidence in a team. I mean that even if something goes wrong, you need to trust your team, because these are the people you've gathered
Viktoriia Lemizhanska
@abadesi @niko_wallner probably, we can say that confidence is a quality of good team. I mean that it's hard to call a "team" those people who are not sure in each other and who are not reliable
Niko Wallner
Ability to listen and persuade, good self management and time management skills.