Recommendations for accounting/bookkeeping software

Lewis Hanson
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Hi All! Would appreciate some advice on best accounting/bookkeeping practices for early days startup? With little capital did you just use excel or google sheets, or did you opt for one of the many cloud-based accounting/bookkeeping software if so which provider did you use? i.e. Quickbooks online vs Xero vs Sage etc Thanks!


Anna Nenasheva
Looking for recommendations on Bookkeeping Services? There are several excellent options out there. QuickBooks is widely used for its robust features and user-friendly interface. If you're a smaller business, FreshBooks is known for its simplicity and excellent invoicing capabilities. Xero is another popular choice, especially for businesses that need multi-user access and strong bank reconciliation features. For more advanced needs, consider Sage or Zoho Books. Remember, the best choice depends on your specific requirements, so take advantage of free trials to find the perfect fit!