Best note taking tools?

Beth Ziesenis
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Hey, folks. I'm writing my new book about apps, and I just don't know how I feel about Evernote anymore. It doesn't seem to be innovating anymore, and I would love to know what others think about its health and future. Are you using it? What are you using instead? I haven't used Evernote in years because I replaced it with Apple Notes. Although Apple Notes is not fancy or as feature rich, it's great for what I need... jotting down notes, saving sites and getting the info on all my devices.


Glenn Van Croonenborch
Hi Beth, you should try I switched from Evernote to Bear and Notion. Good luck.
Beth Ziesenis
@hello_mrvc Thanks so much. That's on my list as well. I think I'll keep Evernote on the list but put in the comments from their CEO that they want to improve. He wrote a blog post earlier this year about their shortcomings. So far no real changes yet, though.
Ferenc Forgacs
@nerdybff I was a huge fan of Evernote, suggested it to a lot of my colleagues as the go-to solution to organize their stuff in a better way. I switched to Notion a few months ago because it provided me the ability to use a single tool for things I used seperate apps for (Evernote, Trello, Google Docs). At the moment, I don't know why I would go back to Evernote, but I liked it till the end.
Justin Jackson
@nerdybff I feel like I've tried them all! What starts as a nice, simple product ends up with endless features and I go back on the hunt for a new solution. I recently switched to Agenda, which is only available on Apple devices for now—since you were using Apple Notes this seems like it won't be a limitation. It allows you to turn any note into an actionable calendar/reminder item and syncs across MacOS and iOS and it's a nice, organized, and clean interface (plus dark mode). Best of luck with your new book!!