Agenda is a date-focused note taking app for planning and documenting your projects. With its unique timeline, Agenda gives you a complete picture of past, present and future, driving your projects forward.

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Using for last one hour and feeling like this is what I am looking for all these times and could not explain what I want. Thanks guys
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Looks pretty dope. Please bring Android, iOS & Windows Version soon :D
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@evivz iOS is coming ASAP. Other platforms may be added down the road. Not decided yet.
@evivz @drewmccormack would love to help with the development to bring an Android version to fruition.
Looks pretty cool. Any plans for an iOS version with sync?
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@adammydesign iOS app is in development. Planned for first half of 2018. Will sync with Mac app.
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@drewmccormack Look forward to it. Just installed macOS app and it looks great. 👍
This program is just what I need in my workflow. Notes assigned to a date is lit 🔥 Might be getting the premium functions, just to support them guys 😄
@arnz8o8 Hey what is the pricing model? The website states it's free...
@manny_orduna Seems to be 20 euro's for a period of 12 months. Not sure if it's a subscription tho
@arnz8o8 hey thanks for that fast reply friend! How unfortunate they tried to hide that fact on the website.
@arnz8o8 Think I'll purchase Things 3 instead, they are much clearer in their proposition.
@manny_orduna Well. The program is free to use of course. More is to be found here: BTW, Things 3 I use too, but only for Reminders, not so much for Notes

Great overall app with cooperation between iOS and MacOS and is a great alternative to Evernote which can become costly.


Easy to use and looks great!


Some features are not available compared to Evernote, etc.

There's no iOS version.
iOS? I'd like to check the iOS app but can't find it...
An iOS app is in development. Planned for first half of 2018. It will sync with the Mac app.