Let's talk about knowledge management. How does your team get access to answers in times like these?

Nicholas Mohnacky
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I recently spoke with a nurse friend of mine (among others) and she said that she wishes there was a way to know how other medical providers across the state are handling COVID-19 patients + themselves. Is there local and regional knowledge available that we don't know about? Which got me thinking, how do companies ensure that their employees have answers to the questions they need to take decisive action?


Steve Connerton
Totally agree man! More questions than answers for me as well.
Nicholas Mohnacky
@steve_connerton1 the topic of knowledge management (note: very different than information distribution) and the strategies surrounding such aren't being had. It's not about me or our product, but as things unfold, I realize the problem bundleIQ solves in connecting people to knowledge has never felt more significant than right now. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing how this conversation unfolds here on PH.
And how are all these sudden Remote Workers sharing the information they generate inside their own organisations? Slack or phonecalls can handle direct questions, but knowledge management needs a better solution. What is everyone using? (I have a vested interest since I'm working on Ting)
Frank Sudefren
Well everybody can ask anyone directly via emails or messages on the messaging platform. Also, the company provides all the personal phone numbers of the employees, so if you really need a quick answer, you can always call the person