What do you think of Facebook groups?

Akash Mondal
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Guys! it's been ages I have posted on Facebook. But one thing, for which I still go to Facebook is Facebook Groups! What do you think of the existing pros and cons of these groups? Has anyone been an admin of a group of a decent number of people? hows the experience?


Astha Sharma
@akash_mondal I think it depends! I've only joined FB groups for entertainment purposes or to laugh at some good memes/jokes. For a more community feel I use Reddit and different subreddits in there for topics I'm interested in. It's nice being able to relate to others that have a similar interest.
Karming Chin
@akash_mondal good question Akash - imo, it's sort of a facebook groups vs reddit community I would say. On one side, it's mostly seen as a feature where people randomly post in the related group and sometimes you might find stuff that are irrelevant, taking significant time to scroll through. However, I do love the implementation of adding new features (such as Chat, Mentorship, etc) that allows people to have live discussions or connecting with other members if needed. The con I would say is the inability to create various topics (sort of like Reddit) where users can dive in if they prefer to talk about a more specific topic. For ie, on Reddit, you can go into fitness then choose whichever post you want to look into. In addition, Reddit gives you the ability to filter these posts (top, hot, newest, etc) while Facebook Groups doesn't allow that.