Instagram hiding like counts, what do you think about this move?

Akash Mondal
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Instagram has started to hide likes count in some countries? What do you think about this move?


Dan Edwards
@akash_mondal I like it. I’ve found myself liking posts more when it shows a friend of mine has also liked it, over how many random people I don’t know have liked it. I think there’s more value in essentially saying “hey someone you share similar interests with liked this” over “hey 1 million people liked this”
Akash Mondal
@de thanks for your reply Dan. So you mean, your friends liking a post does influence your decision to like a post ?
Callum Weir
@akash_mondal I think its a great idea, Many people that I've come across focus on trying to get as many likes as possible, causing a feeling of not being good enough when the post doesn't fulfil the quantity of likes as how they imagined. This has been a cause of depression and anxiety. Hiding the likes doesn't necessarily solve this problem but it is a starting point to try and help victims that do feel this way. Instagram users hopefully will focus on the things they love, posting what they like without the feeling of insecurity that they may get from other bigger accounts. Focusing on interests and enjoying images. instead of creating a fake egotistical online presence which can only backfire. Instagram are paving a way forward to help those who need it and I think its great.
Akash Mondal
@callum_weir Hi Callum, great thoughts! "Hiding the likes doesn't necessarily solve this problem but it is a starting point to try and help victims that do feel this way." -- right! But what else could be done to solve that problem? But there could be other side of the story as well, number of likes may also motivates to post more frequently? what say?
Noëlie Rx
@akash_mondal For me, it's a great idea. Removing the number of like per photo will stop creating unnecessary complexes for some people. It will also reduce anxiety, stress and depression related to the feeling of not having enough likes compared to other people. I find that not being able to see the number of likes of other users (it seems to me that we can see privately the likes we have personally received) is a very good initiative. From a marketing point of view, I think it will also change things, especially in terms of product placements and compensation in relation to the number of likes / comments (yes, there are). This will motivate brands to partner more with real influencers than with accounts boosted by auto-like bots.
Akash Mondal
@noelie_rx hey Noelie! I second on that! DO you think followers count also lead to some bias ?
@akash_mondal I think its a wise move. I wonder if they are predicting a backlash from government that could see strict legislation against social media and its effects on mental health. I wish I was in one of the countries where this is being trialled. Would love to hear from anyone who's experiencing it.
Claire Lavelle
@akash_mondal I like it I know many friends who freak out about "likes" and delete posts if they dont get enough although it could be interesting to see how sponserships and #ad posts are done if brabds are unaware of infulencers follower engagement.
Akash Mondal
@claire_lavelle agreed. Do you think that the number of likes is a good metric to measure engagement ?
Claire Lavelle
@akash_mondal No, I think there are a lot of other metrics that may even be more valuable such as, number of reaches and impressions, considering that branded posts, in general, depending on their content may not get the same level as likes as an influencers usual content. Although for Brands to find influencers number of likes and followers is generally the first metric they notice since its public information.
Claire Lavelle
@akash_mondal All in all I think its a great way to deal with some of the negitive social affects of social media. Interesting discussion post thank you for bringing it to my attention.
Astha Sharma
@akash_mondal I haven't seen it on my timeline yet, but I think it's a wonderful idea! People will be posting content they like and not have to worry about if other people will. It's hard to not think about those things but this move will deff lower stresses people may have over likes.
Akash Mondal
@astha_sharma hello Astha, this feature is only live in few selected countries as of now! So you think a social network without numbers is a better idea?