🏡👨‍💻👩‍💻 How are you adapting to working remotely?

Adam Liu
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The coronavirus pandemic is hitting many countries pretty hard these days, many people are forced to work from home to reduce human contact. A lot of changes are sudden, how are you adapting? How are you adapting working remotely?


Julia Clarks
I've been working remotely long ago so it should not be an issue. For the starters a couple of time management tools can be handy.
Adam Liu
@julia_roma Hey Julia 👋, is it possible for you to share some of your stories/experiences/tips in terms of how to work remotely as efficiently as possible? I'm building a community for helping remote workers, I believe your stories would definitely help people. You can see more here: https://remotetogether.life/. would love to hear from you.
Laura Vasquez
I've been working remotely for almost four years so I'm completely used to it by now. But I could see people who aren't used to it struggle with productivity, distractions, time management, etc, but hopefully everyone can find a way to work remotely without too much stress
Adam Liu
@laura_vasquez95 Hey Laura, I'm building a community that aims to help people work better remotely. You can see more here: https://remotetogether.life/. Have you written anything related to your experiences? Or are you willing to share some? would love to hear more and share your tips/stories on the site, of course, only if you allow. 😃
Lance Seidman
Well, we at Remployed.com are trying to help folks find jobs and get companies to post on our site. Doing what we can by making our fees only $1/1% and not 20%+Membership for XX bids and other fees. Anyone who can spread the word, would be great, sorry to advertise in this way.
Andy Dent
I've been working remotely most of the last 25 years, although the last two as a solo founder I'm not collaborating as much. Will write up tips & experience.
Adam Liu
@andydentperth1 hey Andy, I'm creating a community for remote workers, tips & experiences on remote work/life is exactly what I'm looking for atm. When you write about it, is it ok with you for me to share it on the site? You can have a look here: https://remotetogether.life/