How do I transition an Upcoming Page to a Launched Submitted Product?

Claire Lavelle
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The question at hand could be irrelevant. I was just curious if there was a method to submit a product that has an upcoming page (basic plan) or does I create a new submission? Such as a way for my product to no longer be Upcoming but to be Launched? Or what happens to my Upcoming Page once I have launched? Just asking fellow makers have been trying to read blogs but so much information out there it can be confusing or vague.


Joshua Tabakhoff
@claire_lavelle Hello, once you launch it seems like you keep the Upcoming page (in my case at least) but you can keep it for shipping new features and announce it earlier to a specific group or probably delete it and make a new one for a new product. I’d love a way to Archive the current Upcoming (for posteriority w/ read-only access) and be able to create a new one! Hope I helped you a bit :)
@claire_lavelle They are two separate things. So to answer your questions in order: yes you have to create a homepage post when you launch. Your upcoming page will continue to exist afterwards. For 1:1 help you can reach the community team via the chat bubble when you view Product Hunt website on desktop.