Get a hunter to submit your product for you?

Claire Lavelle
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Hi, my team and I have been gearing up to launch our the latest product, "SaveAway." I was doing research and outreach to find a Hunter to submit our product to reach a broader audience in the hopes of getting featured. Although I have done preliminary outreach, I am afraid of coming off as spam and don't want to waste of my our a hunters time. Does anyone have any experience or advice on interacting with Hunters or information on the best way to stand out when launching?


@claire_lavelle Hi Claire, we recommend that makers hunt their own products as it doesn't make a difference as to who posts it. All posts are treated the same and getting posted by a 'hunter' doesn't guarantee a feature nor a ton of upvotes 😅 You can learn more about how to make the most out of your launch here: 😸 All the best! 🚀