Best tool to make gif logos and thumbnails?

Akshay Vernekar
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Hi Everyone, We are gearing up for launch and I was wondering which is the best tool to create gif like logos like the ones seen on Product Hunt's homepage. Here is the link to our upcoming launch in case you are interested: Thanks.


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@akshay_vernekar I've found to be really easy in making gifs!
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@astha_sharma thankyou, checking now.
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@akshay_vernekar Myself & @rajsb_ made Gifless 🙂
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@rajsb_ @rahulmfg Gifless is really good , simple to use and gets the job done but I wish there was an option to add a logo/image in one of the frames.
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@akshay_vernekar someone said works out well, but haven't personally tried it yet
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@danilo_kreimer thanks I will have a look
@akshay_vernekar I've been recently using and I find it cool and easy to use.
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@roxanairimia tried this , really cool! thanks