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Gifless is a tool to create emoji & text GIFs in seconds




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Rahul MMakerPro@rahulmfg · Code @producthunt 😺✌️
Gifless works both in desktop & mobile and the size of GIF is limited to 200*200 to 300*300. Myself & Raj got the idea to build this tool after seeing some product thumbnails on Product Hunt with text/emoji based gifs. Have fun with the tool and let us know if you have any questions or feedback 😺
Rahul MMakerPro@rahulmfg · Code @producthunt 😺✌️
Jordan Gonen@jrdngonen · trying my best.
This is awesome , nice job!
Rahul MMakerPro@rahulmfg · Code @producthunt 😺✌️
@jrdngonen Thanks :)
Joshua Jansen@joshuajansen
Cool idea, neatly done! 😄 Are you planning to add things like image uploads? And maybe adjusting the speed/delay of the frames?
Rahul MMakerPro@rahulmfg · Code @producthunt 😺✌️
@joshuajansen Thanks 🙌 Yeah, in the next version :)
Daniel Roger Casanova@danirogerc · Love for business, design and technology
Hello! Liking this tool so far, would love 1. custom colour code #fffff 2.ability to control time between slides 3. ability to upload images, that should compress (small size) when you upload them :D let us know, great stuff!
Rahul MMakerPro@rahulmfg · Code @producthunt 😺✌️
@daniel_roger_casanova Glad you like it :) definitely should work on those in the next version.