Making market analysis accessible

Anna Grigoryan
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Hey! I'm a software developer and researcher. Recently I started to research different tech industries to make market analysis accessible for everyone. Do you think there is need for such service?


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@angrigoryan__ what do you mean by market analysis? I know of and another service that try to inform people on what markets are good to "tap"
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@gabriel_werlich yes, I was thinking about custom and personalized researches for tech startups.
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@angrigoryan__ check out Wonder. It might be useful.
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@rrhoover thanks. Interesting project, never heard about it! My idea was similar but focused on startups and tech industry.
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@angrigoryan__ Difficult to answer without having more context, but in my opinion all start-ups and also larger companies need market research. Way too many companies and products fail because the makers didn't know that there was no market for it or too many competitors already offering a similar service. Would love to hear more about how you would design such a service!
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@kristian_naess would love to chat about that!
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@angrigoryan__ Me too. Feel free to dm me!
@angrigoryan__ Hi, Anna! I have a deep interest in this topic. I have the same feeling to startup this idea. Here in Brazil, Raas (Research as a service) as I used to call it has a huge market. Let me know if a can help, please!