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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Just signed up and asked for a date restaurant recommendation with live music. I'll report back the results. 😀 UPDATE: Here's their response, about 20 minutes after asking my question: http://i.imgur.com/wqfvJkN.png Granted I should have been more specific but it would have been more useful if Philip provided a list of possible options.
Ⓜatt hartman
@matthartman · partner @betaworks
Before joining @betaworks, I briefly worked with @justinpw and team on an earlier product (they're all great, btw). So I've been testing early version of Wonder for a bit. I've found it to be extremely helpful for the use case of wanting deep research where I don't need the results in real-time and I also don't want to spend hours combing through potential … See more
Mani Karthik
@manikarthik · Just a curious guy.
1. Tell Wonder what you'd like help researching 2. They'll send your request out to our research network 3. An expert researcher will email you back hand-picked resources within the hour
@cathnotey · Co-Founder, Notey.com
This is like GLG for everyday people. GLG guys are killing it so I can see how this can be big.
@karthik2502 · Grad student - Full Stack Dev - RA & TA
Wow! just tried it out and its pure magic:) All the best guys:)