Is Coronavirus forcing you to work from home?

Reza Madjidi
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As the virus spreads, many companies started encouraging their workforce to work from home. If you need any tips to stay productive while at home, or need to implement a remote work strategy overnight, here are best practices and tools to help you deliver a successful remote working experience for your company and teams:!


Ninja Team
Not so compulsory at my place but we still need some productive management tools at hand.
Hrishikesh Pardeshi
Know it to be the case with almost everyone I know at their workplace. At least all big firms have mandated WFH for the next few days for now. We have ourselves put together some quick remote tips to help ease the transition - Hope that these pointers help as many as possible in this crisis.
Willem Drijver
I think this is a very difficult discussion, because you can not compare many countries. In belgium they recommend it but it remains your own decision. I say in my company that the people have the choice but everyone is still comming to work.
Monica Ferreira
Thanks for the link @reza_madjidi. I live in Italy and we've been working from home since last week, a few days before the gov put the whole country in quarantine. It can be a little difficult at first, but finding the right space in your home where you can concentrate is a definitely a must, and thanks to technology, we are able to get in touch with everybody and continue our work like we regularly do.
Anuj Mishra
Not necessary. In my organization that the individuals have the decision yet everybody is as yet coming to work.
Julia Clarks
Nah, I worked from home before it all started. If you get used to it you would have no productivity issues.
Sitting and working from home as well...
Nicholas Mohnacky
Read, "How to connect your people to knowledge during an emergency."
Yes we at Loop have all been working remotely! It has taken some getting used to but we are figuring it out.