Do you keep an offline backup ?

Kaloyan Dobrev
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Hi Makers, Do you have offline backup for your most precious memories - your pictures and videos. Are they on a cloud service like Google Photos, iCloud Apple or etc.


Denis Kryukov
Here's a witty saying that illuminates the importance of backups well. "There are only two types of people: 1) Those who backup their data, and 2) Those who don't... yet."
emma walker
it's a good practice to safeguard their memories through offline backups or cloud services
Alexia Gold
I keep my data both online in iCloud and offline on my external hard drive.
Nick Bess
I used only hard drive until I dropped it. After that case, I also use both, hard drive and iCloud. Here is a good article that can provide some useful info on data backup. It is it that made me start using iCloud together with my hard disk. I wish I read it earlier as I could avoid the mistakes and wouldn't have to recover the lost data.