PH for B2B startup? Getting a bit anxious

Bogdan Glushko
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Hey PH maker community, need some insight here. We are in prelaunch phase, and have a PH Ship set up. The product is focused towards sales/marketing lead capture businesses. We are having some limited and discouraging traction on the PH Ship side of things. Just a few subscriptions. Is that to be expected as we are more B2B focused, or we are just simply doing something wrong? I think we have nailed down on what the tool is about, our target audience, and so forth. We are trying to showcase how the tool solves pains, where applicable, but still. There is way more engagement coming from business communities, it seems. Is PH mostly end users and no biz here? Thanks in advance for advice!


Timoté Geimer
Hey Bogdan, what do you mean by limited traction with you ship page? Are you paying for the ship premier subscription or are you using the free version? @porthas
Bogdan Glushko
@tim_achieved I am paying for it. Limited I mean we barely had any users signup, but I think we figured that we supposed to just import them when we get them thru our site.
@porthas Ship alone won't grow your subscriptions significantly in the short term, I find my Ship pages worked best when I imported contacts from other lists and shared it consistently on socials incentivising people to subscribe by saying they could get first look at the product or a discount.
Ferenc Forgacs
@porthas Hi Bogdan, in general, I would say that the number of businesses checking Product Hunt for great apps and solutions is pretty high (I don't have exact numbers, but most of my apps are B2B and I had a great experience so far). I saw multiple sites, articles, posts were referring to Product Hunt as the main source for great new tools. I haven't used Ship, but the solution Abadesi mentioned to grow your audience seems like a great way to start.