Help us improve our new form builder tool

Bogdan Glushko
6 replies This is our form builder prelauch page. We are EAGERLY looking for product feedback (just getting started!). There are many ways to take the app from here on and we really need your opinion. ⚡Quickly create custom forms for any website, with this intuitive online form builder.💪Don't underestimate the power of your creativity. ✍Build from scratch, from a PDF form, or customize a template.


@porthas looks great. Welcome all, please check out @MightyForms, I'd love to hear first impressions and honestly, what do you most need out of a form builder?
Marat Chukmarov
@porthas Hi, watched the video. Part with creating from PDF was not clear for me, may be because the original PDF wasn't showed. May be try a more some case-oriented, like creating a survey or feedback form or something else, rather than feature-oriented? I (as a stranger) didn't get, why I need this, so it (imho) can be hard to the searchers of the form builders to get, why exactly you(i mean, video looked like more feature enumeration 'like what we can do in general' or 'we can create some form', rather than 'here's how with ease and breeze you can solve some *sample problem*'). But I'm no expert
Bogdan Glushko
@much_applied you are right, will look into that as well. Were planning on blog posting on specific case uses, but the tool is pretty much for building any form with nearly any functionality and integration.
Mariam  Grigoryan
@porthas what are the differentiating features of your product?
Bogdan Glushko
@mari_lee check out the app here - It's a form builder for all your forms. Can build simple and extremely complicated forms with bunch of integrations and automation tasks. You can hook it up to Google Analytics, fill PDFs, set up SMS/Email Autoresponders, and capture data as user progresses through the forms.