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Loki Ivo
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Hello there, happy to find about this discussion space. I am planning to build a web app that is kind of combines producthunt.com and medium.com. The idea is to customize product search based on anyone's interest. I need to get the api from somewhere. Does anyone know what are some of the sources? Thanks~)


Austin Marks
Can you elaborate a little further on that? What would set this apart from how producthunt currently operates?
Loki Ivo
@austinmeta Thank for the reply! It is basically going to further customize on the interests. On producthunt it allows some keyword search but if we can make it like a open magazine sort of directory, allow user to choose multiple category/theme/keywords, then show the customized list of product, it can be a discovery for the user to find the tool and product that really match themselves. Google kind of search engine but focus on products. For example, I chose renewable energy and bitcoin, a product with both tags will pop out solar coin for example. (rather than by the name search) It is probably just a step further but some api is needed.
Una Vidaković
Just yesterday we've launched our product Jexia on PH, maybe you can check us out :)