Do you often write in a diary?

Quốc Tý
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Hi Makers! I'm trying to launch a diary app called INSIDE. it can help you write personal diary and also group diary too. All data is encrypted and will be keep secret (never provide any infos for ads company). But i'm not sure is there big community want to write diary everyday? Just want to verify my idea, or my app is good enough to make this world become a bit better. If you like (or dislike) my product, let's put a comment for me know! i'd like to hear your feedbacks. Product are available at: Thanks in heaps! Ty Bui


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@tybq I do journal but usually on paper - what will make your diary app different to what's already out there?
@abadesi hi, Firstly, thanks a lot for pay attention to my app. :) Yeah, write journal on paper is always great, but it's easy to get lost in the future, and put images into diary seem hard. When compare with the other diary app outside, you can see almost of them is just write diary for personal only, some of them don't have good UI/UX and also make write diary everyday become complex and boring! INSIDE is not the best app, but it's provide another better way to help you get fun when write diary, you can write diary for yourself, keep it secure with passcode (and also data was encrypted too). The most interesting point is you can create a group diary inside app, invite your family members, your friends, your lover,... and write diary together with them. Capture all best moments of you and your loved ones. We also provide some simple social features, like Chat & comments for group diary (not for personal diary). So you can feel you are not alone, you always have someone love you, be together with you! :) By the way, i know there is a lot of issues still need to improve, but i hope you like the idea and support us to make this become success! You can check the detail app here: Thanks, Ty Bui
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
@tybq Got it! I'm not quite ready to share a diary with my loved ones yet but admirable to think some folks will 😄
@abadesi yeah, you still can use INSIDE to write your personal diary (private & secure) too. No need to share to anyone if you are not ready to do it! :)