A diary app for you and your loved ones

A diary for you and your loved ones. Write personal daily diary, invite your friends, family, lover to share memories together with you.
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Hi everyone! I'm a first time hunter/maker here on Product Hunt! I love the community! I would like to present to you INSIDE - The simple app for write personal & group diary. For a long time, I still remember that we often write diary, recording every moment we were young. Normally, everything will be recorded in a small notebook, and hidden in the closet secretly. Then time passes, when you grow up, you may have forgotten your childhood somewhere. Today, when technology becomes popular, people are too much focused on social networks, games, work, … Life is so busy! It’s hard to find back in good memories in the past. Do you remember what is the most recent picture of your family’s travel trip? Or a picture of your lover’s 1 year ago? With social network, everything is too open for you in this case. So a secret & secure group diary for your family, friends, and lovers,… that’s probably what you need now. That’s why INSIDE was born. We believe that write diary should be easy, fun, and help to beautify your soul. But write diary alone is always sad 🙁 That why we create this app for help you write diary & write together GROUP DIARY!!! **FEATURES** • Write your personal diary, keep it secret. All data was encrypted in server side. • Create group, write diary together. • Invite your friends to join groups, share beautiful memories with them. • Easily chat with your friends. • Secure your diary with passcode. • Change Themes, colors (coming soon!). * JOIN THIS ADVENTURE WITH US * Website – iOS – Android – * We know this app still not perfect, so that we’d love to hear your feedbacks, and we’ll try to improve day-by-day!! • Facebook – • Instagram – @insidediaryapp • Email – info@app_inside Many thanks, Ty Bui
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