Launching a social proof widget

Madusha Kumarasiri
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Hi Makers! I'm trying to launch a social proof widget which is for free. Yes, true there are paid plans for enterprise (for higher volume usage) :D Can you all help me to fine tune my product? Your kind feedback is mostly welcome. All I can give you in return is lifetime free membership for paid plan (in case you like my product) Public beta is available here at Thanks in heaps! Madusha


Soe Lost
@madushak Social proof is so valuable. We as people want what others have. I can't test it but I checked it out, created an account, and I really like it. Initially I was concerned with duration, but once I created an account I saw that you had that limited to 5 days. The only question left is, when are you going to launch?
Madusha Kumarasiri
@soelost thanks for trying it out mate! Really appreciate it. There are some integrations yet to be built and tested. Once completed and found few beta users, it's almost ready to go. Mostly it will be out within next month, hopefully :D
Mandeep Singh
@madushak First Impression! I didn't understood what it is, the cards have same background as your site and On a relatively bigger screen (mine is 27inch), I just didn't noticed it until I looked very hard. These days almost all websites are using these popups for cookies confirmation and I've started ignoring them.. maybe its just me but I strongly believe you need to do something to pop them out a little more to gain at least some attention, not too much but some.
Madusha Kumarasiri
@mesingh9 thank you for the honest opinion! I too think there are some UI/UX changes to be done on widget. :)
Manoj Surya
@madushak a demo link without a signup (or signup details for a dummy page would be helpful) - can give quick feedback