Finding leads for my product?

Madusha Kumarasiri
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I'm just launching a product and having some hard time reaching out to people. Basically my tool is a social proof widget and is available for totally free. Any idea where I should start with? Makers, how did you overcome similar issues when launching a product you made? :) Thanks!


@madushak Sometimes the more niche a product the easier it is to find the target audience. I would try to drill into some very specific personas of people who would need to use your product and find communities where you can access them, or use content marketing - blogs, emails - to grow an audience based around the problem you are solving. Does that make sense?
Dawid Tkocz
100% what @madushak said. Also, Facebook groups like "SaaS Growth Hacks" might be a bull's eye as well. Once your product is for free it shouldn't be a problem to collect leads from content and communicty marketing, @abadesi
Rakesh Singh
@madushak Things become easier when you know your audience. I will suggest you to create multiple User Personas of the customers who will be using your product. Once you know what they do, what they eat & where they browse, it won't take long for you to figure out how to be visible on their screen. On the other hand, you can also identify what your audience is looking for and be present when they hit their searchh query. P.S. - Reach out to your audience but also make sure that they end up on your website when they reach out for anything related to your product.