What tools should my agency use for client management?

Leo Zakour
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Looking for something to manage the business side of our agency and have more clarity on our clients. Ideally would love something where you can see client information, create and track proposals, create and automate invoices and general overview/stats to understand closed deals, overdue payments, etc. Any suggestions?


Santiago Lobo van Wersch
Hey @leozakour, rarely I find someone asking a questions that I have the perfect answer, and it's maybe why I would deviate from my working time to answer you. madgicx.com platform it's a relatively new full-stack platform for Facebook ads. Among the many tools they created, white-label automated reports and ad-set-story line are exactly the 2 ones you will need. I hope it will help you. Best, Santiago
Leo Zakour
@santiago_lobo hey Santiago, thanks for the answer! Unfortunately,​ madgicx is actually focused on reports for marketing agencies and not really for the business management of an agency.
Ferenc Forgacs
@leozakour hey Leo, when I worked at an agency, we were looking for a similar tool with all the features you mentioned, and we ended up building our own as all the ones we found were missing one or two key functions. In most cases, the weakest part was the invoice management. For all the other stuff, we used Podio (https://podio.com/) because, with the help of their highly customizable apps, we could set it up to the way our agency worked and not the other way around. I'd suggest finding a tool that you can use to manage most of your processes and use or build another one for the rest of it.
Leo Zakour
@feriforgacs thanks for the recommendation! I would love to avoid building this internally, or even adding it to Produck . I'm going to test out Podio.