Simple and Powerful Project Management Software

Produck is simple, beautiful, and powerful project management software for product teams.

- Inline rich text editor for task descriptions

- Status, Priority, Multiple Assignees, and more

- List and Kanban board views

- Group issues by Assignee, Status, Priority, Type, Labels...

- Burndown & Sprint Reports

- Project & Sprint Overview

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    Inline rich-text editor for descriptions and comments, Granular user permissions, Multiple assignees, Folder organization



    Full data control, enterprise-level security, a dedicated success manager, and custom feature development.

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Leo Zakour
Leo ZakourMakerPro@leozakour · Entrepreneur & Product Designer.
Hello, Product Hunt! 👋 After more than a year in development, we are super excited to finally show the world what we’ve been working on. We started Produck with the vision of creating project management software that offers everything you need as a product team, wrapped in a beautiful and delightful experience. We’ve always loved the simplicity of Asana and the powerful features Jira offers, but we felt there was something missing in the middle: a tool that has the power product teams need and the simplicity everyone enjoys. We are just getting started! We are on a mission to make everyone more efficient, and with that in mind we have a lot of great features in the works: inbox, workflow builder, more integrations, multi-language, Gantt, and AI to help you out. We'll be here all day to answer any questions you might have. I appreciate your time trying Produck and I would love your feedback! In return, members of the Product Hunt community can apply the code PH10 to receive 10% off on our Business Plan (on top of the 20% off if you go yearly). Produck is also free for your first 3 users, with all (non-enterprise) features included. Thank you for your support! Leo
Rich Peterson
Rich Peterson@richp_ · Business Process Consultant 🚀
@leozakour Nice-looking product - I've added it to
Leo Zakour
Leo ZakourMakerPro@leozakour · Entrepreneur & Product Designer.
@richp_ looking great! Thanks! 🙏
Cameron Banowsky
Cameron Banowsky@pidof · I am a dev and a dude who likes to dev
@leozakour honestly beats jira imo
Leo Zakour
Leo ZakourMakerPro@leozakour · Entrepreneur & Product Designer.
@pidof 😍
Samuel Nam
Samuel NamHiring@samuel_nam · A lover of automation, apps and startups
@leozakour Our team was looking for a Trello alternative. We have currently moved to Asana, but I'll have a look at Produck!
Leo Zakour
Leo ZakourMakerPro@leozakour · Entrepreneur & Product Designer.
@samuel_nam Great! Let me know if you have questions or feedback for us!
Samuel Nam
Samuel NamHiring@samuel_nam · A lover of automation, apps and startups
@leozakour is it possible to edit the column names? For example backlog, done etc. Love how clean it is. Similar to our website and app we've made.
Leo Zakour
Leo ZakourMakerPro@leozakour · Entrepreneur & Product Designer.
@samuel_nam We are working to provide custom statuses so you can create your own columns too. That said, on boards top right corner, with the "Active Columns" dropdown, you can choose which columns to show for each project/sprint and also drag the columns to reorder. I'm glad you appreciate the design, we've aimed to create an app that is enjoyable to use and not just add features 🙂
Stowe Boyd
Stowe Boyd@stoweboyd · futurist, researcher, imperfectionist
Do we need another tool like this? There are 10,000 already.
Leo Zakour
Leo ZakourMakerPro@leozakour · Entrepreneur & Product Designer.
@stoweboyd We did, that's why we've created it 😉 Would love you to give it a try and see if you need it as much as we do. Who knows, maybe the 10,001 is the one! 🤞
Hernan Puente
Hernan Puente@isopo · Co-Founder @ Indicius
Sorry, identity crash, vamos por acá de nuevo. ¡Felicitaciones por el lanzamiento @leozakour! En Indicius estamos siempre en una constante búsqueda de la mejor tool para manejo de comunicación y seguimiento de proyectos, así que encantados de probarla a ver si/como se adapta a nuestras necesidades. Exitos 😉 PD: No se si te acordás de mi, intercambiamos mails en el 2013, y luego en el 2015.
Michael Yoffe
Michael Yoffe@michael_yoffe · Developer
What differentiates this from any other tool out there?
Leo Zakour
Leo ZakourMakerPro@leozakour · Entrepreneur & Product Designer.
@michael_yoffe let me be honest with you, deciding to build "another pm tool" was not an easy call. We know that there are great tools out there, but none of them made us 100% happy (I know, we are picky) and out of necessity we started with this project. We try to outline the usp on the video and screenshots, but here goes a few points that are making me love it everyday and I could't find anywhere else: 1) Permissions: You can not only control who has access to specific folders, projects, or sprints, but also what those members can view or edit on each one of those with really granular role permissions. It's kind of a GoogleDrive permissions on steroids. This a great feature to manage big teams with multiple levels of access, or to even have people outside your company (like clients or contractors) collaborating with your team on specific projects. You have absolute control over what they can see and do. 2) List and boards views that are are one click swap. Most pm tools out there have boards and list views, but I always find it cumbersome to switch between them, so on produck it's basically the same list of items that change how they are displayed. You can change back and forth with just one click. 3) Group by. This is a really cool one, you can group issues by Status, Priority, Assignee, Sprint, Type, or Labels. I normally group projects by status or priority so I can follow the progress and spot blockers or actions that need to be taken. But in the case of sprints, I love to group by Assignee so I can see who is doing what and shuffle tasks depending on each member’s workload. 4) Ok... this post is getting too long. Besides some key features, there are a lot of little details (inline rich text editor, everything is live updated, the overall clean and fresh ui, etc) that in my opinion are making Produck more enjoyable to use and helping teams be more efficient than with other tools. I think the best way to figure out if it is right for you is by giving it a try!