I have a Twitter related idea and need your opinions

Marcos Sorribas
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Do you use Twitter? I use it every day. There are tons of value in my feed. There always are interesting articles, ideas, and threads coming around. The atmosphere that my feed has is very inspirational for me. I'm sure that if you are using Twitter since old times, you came out with an interesting following list. That's why I'm curious about what other people see when use Twitter. What tweets they see and what are the popular topics in their feeds. In the end, our thinking is built around the content that we consume so: Do you like to see twitter like @Naval? (Founder of Angel-List) or Do you like to experience twitter like @bchesky? (Airbnb co-founder) Imagine a service that let you mirror Twitter feeds from other users. 1º Do you find it valuable? 2º Would you use it? 3º Who will be your firsts Twitter users to mirror? I'm curious about it, Marcos.


Tejas RD
@marmass can see why this would be useful. How would you convince naval to mirror his feed? Also, what about content that people follow given their personal, political, other beliefs? Instead of seeing everything another person sees I'd be more interested in interesting stuff they like, share, tweet. But that's already how the product comes, so perhaps work on a better surfacing tool?
Marcos Sorribas
@tejas_rd1 Thanks for your answer, it's very valuable!! Naval's following list is public. To mirror his feed we only need his following list. I get your point of the following someone because some interest but mirroring his feed you get more personal things beyond that interest. I dunno if Twitter tag content or people based on his content, and maybe we can filter those things. I'll take a glance cause could be a useful improvement. Thanks again!