Otherside for Twitter

Use Twitter as if you were @Jack, or any user you like

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Apparently inspired by This post and Twitter Goggles Am I being stupid or is it not that simple (on Twitter) to delete a list you created? EDIT: Figured it out ๐Ÿ˜›
This looks really cool! I'd love to have a go, but I'd just like to get some reassurance about the permissions. The requested permissions are: > Read Tweets from your timeline. > See who you follow, and follow new people. > Update your profile. > Post Tweets for you. I can see why you need to read Tweets and update my profile but why post tweets or follow new people?
@basicallydan Twitter doesn't offer fine grain permissions. There's "Read" and "Read and Write". Otherside needs the Write permission to create a list, and to add people to a list. Edit: If you are worried, you can check out the source https://github.com/0x263b/Others...
@abnormcore @basicallydan I checked the source for that reason. Thank you so much for open sourcery! <3
Here is what Jack's timeline looks like: And here is Elon Musk's:
Also similar to Antipersona, but with a different approach. By creating a list, you don't need to sign into a separate app.
@abnormcore From their limitations section, why does the follow rate limit apply here? It just creates a Twitter list, right? You can add people to a list without following them. This doesn't also follow them, does it? Does the rate limit apply to adding people to a list when you don't follow them too?
@joostschuur The API docs and the Help Center make no mention of the follow limit applying to lists, but in testing I hit a similar limit several times.